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Related article: Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 23:28:48 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part SevenThis story is totally fictitious, although it uses the names of the characters from the 'Caribbean Cruise' story, located in Gay Male/Encounters Section. This is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual themes. I hope those of you who followed the original story will enjoy this sequel. I also hope any new readers will also enjoy the story. Many of the sexual scenes do not portray safe sex. Just remember to practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise; Part SevenThe rest of the week passed slowly. The short respite with Jack and Simon helped to relieve some of the sexual pressure, but now I was ready to sample the lovely charms of Charlie again. I couldn't help but wonder what her friend Marcie would turn out to be. I wasn't even sure if Charlie and Marcie were anything more than co-workers.I spent the rest of the week cleaning up the place, restocking the fridge and liquor cabinet and cleaning the pool. A couple of hours on the beach, eyeballing all the great bodies...male AND female, had me chomping at the bit.Finally Friday arrived and I restlessly puttered around the place, willing the clock to move faster. The girls were scheduled to get off work at 5 o'clock and Charlie promised they would get to my place as soon as possible. She said they had overnight bags packed and in her car.When the doorbell rang just before 6, I practically ran to answer it, then stopped long enough to gain my composure. I didn't want to show just HOW anxious I was.When the door opened, my beautiful ebony goddess stood there smiling. She closed the distance between us and threw her arms around my neck as her lips closed against mine and her tongue danced around my mouth. Her sexy body was pressed against me from top to bottom. I could feel her nipples pushing out the fabric of her blouse and she rubbed those mammoth tits against me while her pubic bone dug into my boner."Mmmmm," She whispered, "I don't have to ask if you're glad to see me. SOMETHING tells me you're 'UP' for it.""It's all your fault," I mumbled as I looked over her shoulder at her companion. Marcie was shorter than Charlie by a good 6 inches, but she packed a lot of sexy goods into that petite frame.She was also black, but had a much lighter complexion than Charlie. Her breasts were nowhere as large, but on her small frame were more than adequate. A thin waist flared out into nicely rounded hips and her shapely legs were outlined in the very short and very tight skirt she wore.Her face was narrow and she had the fuller lips and broader nose that I was more familiar with. A somewhat large mouth showed a set of extremely white teeth when she smiled...and she was smiling broadly at Charlie's display of affection.Her hair was short and curly and framed her face nicely, and here eyes were big and brown...Overall a scrumptious package. She was younger than Charlie, but just as beautiful.She stuck out her hand and said, "Hello Jordan, Charlie has told me so much about you, I feel like I already know you."I struggled to disengage my hand from Charlie's ass to take the offered hand. "Well," I searched for the right words. "Nothing Charlie could have told me about YOU would do justice. Please come in.""Whew," Marcie said, "If you don't want him, just hand him over this way. He's every bit the rascal you described." I wondered just exactly HOW much Charlie had told her."I have some rum drinks made," I said as I escorted them into the Great Room. "Please make yourself comfortable and I'll get them."The girls sat on the small sofa looking out over the pool. When I returned with the drinks, Charlie had her hand on Marcie's bare thigh and was rubbing it back and forth. I poured the drinks with shaking hands.Marcie noticed and smiled. "Is he always this shy?" Charlie grinned and remarked, "Not hardly! Believe'll see!"My shorts were becoming very uncomfortable as my cock thickened.I decided to change the subject, before I made a mess in my pants. "I've got some steaks thawed and ready to grill. Are you girls hungry?" I should have know better than to have used those words.Charlie grinned and said "I think we're hungry alright, but the food can wait. Marcie is dying to see if I was telling her the truth. Let's knock off a 'quickie' then worry about dinner."With that, they moved to sit on either side of me on the large couch. Charlie fastened her mouth to mine again and moved one of my hands to her breast to feel the hard nipple. She groaned as my hand teased the twin peaks.I couldn't see Marcie, but I sure FELT her. She was brazenly stroking my cock through my shorts. She quickly unzipped me and reached inside, extracting my stiff dick."Wow! She said as her long fingers curled around the shaft. "Girl, you definitely were NOT kidding about this beauty. I can see why you enjoyed sitting on it."Her mouth descended to take the head between those lips of hers and started giving me a tongue bath. She fiddled with the catch at the waist of my shorts, while she took more of my dick into her moist, warm mouth.I groaned into Charlie's mouth as Marcie began bobbing on as much cock as she could get in her mouth. I had managed to get Charlie's blouse unbuttoned enough to slip my hand inside and move her bra off one of her tits. The hard nipple burned my palm Lolitas Underage as she squirmed under the touch.Marcie, meanwhile had managed to lower my shorts and now had full access to my throbbing cock and balls. She pushed the clothing off my legs and went down on me all the way. Her fingers were tickling my Lolitas Underage balls and moving dangerously close to my ass. I humped my hips up into her mouth.Charlie leaned back and removed her blouse. Reaching behind her back, she unfastened her bra and bared her fabulous tits for my mouth to have complete access to the firm globes. I wasted no time in sucking one Lolitas Underage of those rigid nipples, while torturing the other one with my fingers."Ohhhh...BABY," She groaned, "Yesss...Yesss...Suck on them for me...Ooooo...That drives me up the wall."I alternated between the two inflated nipples, while my hand trailed down and slid under the hem of her short skirt. It was riding high on her gorgeous legs already, so I didn't have to go far before reaching her soaked panties. I slipped inside one leg of the sopping cloth and buried two fingers in her dripping pussy.Her hips jerked at the touch and she returned her mouth to mine, sucking on my tongue like it was a cock. Her hands caressed the side of my face as she moaned loudly and had her first orgasm.Marcie had moved between my legs and was rapidly bobbing up and down on my pole. Her fingers were now definitely zeroing in on my ass and she teased the hole. I was loving every minute of it.Charlie leaned back breathing raggedly and pushed against my chest. "Ooooo...Take it EASY, lover, I said a 'quickie' but I want a little more than THIS."She stood up long enough to wiggle her hips, letting her skirt drop to her feet, where she kicked it off. She hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and pushed. They joined the pile of her skirt, bra, and blouse. She stood there watching Marcie suck my cock as I gazed at her naked beauty while removing my shirt."Let ME have some of that, Girlfriend," She said to Marcie. You've had enough fun for a moment.'re the ONLY one who's still dressed."Marcie laughed and stood up. "That's easy enough to take care of," And pulled her blouse over her head. Her pale blue bra barely contained her bouncing tits as she bent over to remove her skirt. She stood a moment in bra and skimpy panties and pirouetted on one foot, showing her absolutely gorgeous firm bubble-butt.Charlie pulled at my feet, urging me to stretch out on the floor on my back. She lay down between my legs and took my cock in her hand."Mmmmm...,"She said thickly, " I love lollipops!" She started licking all around the head of my dick, then licked up and down the length of the shaft.Marcie had removed her bra and panties and moved to stand over my chest, letting me see her fingers spread the puffy lips of her cunt. The pink inner walls of her labia showed through her bush. She had trimmed the kinky, curly bramble bush down into a narrow line, just covering her cunt lips.I stared up into her as she slipped a finger in and rubbed a very prominent clitoris. "Want some of this Big Boy?" She teased.I answered by reaching up and grabbing her hips. I pulled her down until she was sitting on my chest. Her perky breasts were capped with dark, almost black areolas and her nipples stood out proudly. She put her hands on my shoulders as I pulled her forward until I could reach her pussy with my mouth and tongue."Aaaaaaa...Ooooo," Marcie gasped as my tongue licked the length of her slit and then plunged into her depths. She threw her head back as a powerful orgasm gripped her. She humped her pussy against my mouth and I moved my head from side to side, drinking her juices as they gushed out.Charlie took her mouth off my cock, but didn't let go of it with her hand. She straddled my hips and pointed it at her entrance.I groaned into Marcie's pussy when I felt the incredible warmth envelope my dick as Charlie sank down on it. She let out a long hiss as she felt the fullness slide into her slick tunnel.I was still munching on Marcie's clit and had a perfect view as Charlie leaned up against Marcie's back. She put her arms around Marcie and grasped a breast in either hand. I watched Marcie's nipples turn into hard pebbles as they were teased, and pinched. Her hands covered those massaging her firm mounds, urging Charlie to continue."Ohhhh...Ooooo...I'm cumming again," She groaned and I tasted a new gush of sweet nectar as she flooded my mouth. Her hands were behind her feeling the connection between my cock and Charlie's cunt. She began teasing Charlie's very large clit and BOOM!...Charlie screamed out she was cumming.Her pussy clutched the base of my cock as she shuddered. Her orgasm triggered my own and I tried to warn her I was cumming, but my words were lost...muffled by the folds of Marcie's pussy as she jerked and orgasmed yet again.Our three entangled bodies jerked and shuddered in what must have been an eerie sight to behold.Marcie and Charlie were squirming on my cock and mouth as they rose higher and higher...Until finally crashing down. Their bodies sagged together and would have collapsed if my hands were not still bracing Marcie. Charlie still had her arms tightly hugging Marcie.Finally, the girls sort of just melted down to lie on either side of me. My arms were around each of them and their heads were resting on my chest. We were desperately trying to catch our breath.Charlie leaned over and kissed Marcie gently but deeply, then fastened her lips to mine. When we broke the kiss, Marcie leaned in and pressed HER mouth to mine for our first kiss, sucking on my tongue and circling it with hers.Finally, we dragged ourselves out to the pool and jumped in to cool off the fires our intense 'quickie' had ignited."Well,'" I said, "That takes care of dessert. Anybody ready for the main course...And this time I mean the steaks!"The girls both giggled and splashed me. We swam and played for a while longer, then got out and dried Lolitas Underage off. It had been a long wait, but had been well worth it.End Of Part Seven; Part Eight to follow soon. Comments are welcome at
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